HYBE x Ithaca Holdings
HYBE x Ithaca Holdings
April 5, 2021
#HYBE #IthacaHoldings

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  • ᄇᄉ잡는 경찰관
    ᄇᄉ잡는 경찰관

    Hit man Bang

  • Julieth Quiceno
    Julieth Quiceno

    jajaj no creía decir esto pero estoy orgullosa de j-balvin ya que es de mi mismo pais el de Medellín yo de Bogotá :D

  • Buse Hazır
    Buse Hazır

    If you asked me a few years ago I would never imagine them getting this big. I feel really proud and happy both for bighit and bts for their accomplishments, also welcome to every new member on the family.

  • Hazan7BTS

    ALWAYS WITH U MY LOVE BTS PURPLE U SO MUCH ALOT FOREVER😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • BumbleBee23 2323
    BumbleBee23 2323

    Scooter Braun and taylor swift breakup

  • Física con alex P
    Física con alex P

    1:24 posible hint for bts colaboration

  • Shreya Maity
    Shreya Maity

    Chairman "BANG" ..

  • Shreya Maity
    Shreya Maity

    Ariana must be sleeping 😂

  • Donia Bodiar
    Donia Bodiar

    Todo estos logros es por bts

  • ??????????

    I want a Ayo Hitman Bang recreated version because it's the iconic line from which this empire started


    Se imaginan si Bang Pd obligará a J Balvin hacer un perreo en coreano :v

  • Z- Music
    Z- Music

    Wow bighit is growing I will support this company till the end 🤗✊ Lets push this our fav ent is improving

  • lulumyra lulumyra
    lulumyra lulumyra

    I’m so proud

  • Nìjī_Panda

    Isn't YG's Treasure?

  • Third Grade
    Third Grade

    Big Hit is the best description for *”Is not about quantity, is about quality”* they achieve so much with just one group and even took away the reign of the *Big Threes*

  • Riana Rindriyani
    Riana Rindriyani

    Weh bayangin weh NYEL ntar mereka collab- ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  • Angeles Velasco Bautista
    Angeles Velasco Bautista


  • Riana Rindriyani
    Riana Rindriyani

    Become a part of this family~

  • Riana Rindriyani
    Riana Rindriyani

    Bighit see it, bighit like it, bighit, want it, bighit got it ✨ Berasa belajar bisnis woy ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • Ankit 7
    Ankit 7

    I am just concerned about scooter Braun. That guy's reputation is not good. I hope hybe has full control over the business of Ithaca, coz he can pull a dirty one. Just check his issue with Taylor Swift. I am guessing that as part of the reason he sold the company. As Taylor is re Releaseing evey single album he bought puts the deal at loss because everyone is buying the new one.

  • Ariana Army
    Ariana Army

    Y para cuando la colaboraciòn de BTS con Ari??


    Wtf 😳 es hermoso alguien me explica que onda de que se trata más o menos 😅😅 está j Balvin hay wtf 🥰 solo l@s latinos entienden lo que dijo j Balvin ozi zi 😎👌🏻 mis niños bts hay salieron -ce muere de emoción-

  • nishita maithul
    nishita maithul

    Omg I mean wtf is this for real my god it's still unimaginable 💜

  • Alison Laura
    Alison Laura

    Oigan disculpen las molestias, creen que puedan ver este video? Es un video mio cantando para una audición, se que no tiene mucho que ver con el video, pero agradeceria su apoyo, muchas gracias. mrfor.info/black/vhi-i/r6yansiHnaSEsMg.html

  • grace natasha labrador
    grace natasha labrador

    wait ithink i saw PSY in ITHACA?

  • Huệ Phạm
    Huệ Phạm

    HYBE also buys IU's agency. Personal opinion !!

  • Huệ Phạm
    Huệ Phạm

    HYBE also buys IU's agency. Personal opinion !!

  • Angela Richard
    Angela Richard


  • nancy lara
    nancy lara

    No se ustedes pero yo me imagino a BTS cantando en español junto con J Balvin xD sería la colaboración perfecta 🙃 J Balvin habla en Español K-army: la tuya por si acaso BTS habla Coreano L-ARMY: ay no se lo que dijiste pero si 🙃❤️

  • daphne m.
    daphne m.

    give us the jungkook x justin bieber collab we deserve

  • Christian Rhay Torio
    Christian Rhay Torio

    BTS bringing bighit to the whole world and now SVT Has the same story as BTS and now leading Pledis ent. To the whole world. I would love to if someone in their labels make a documentary movie about SVT AND BTS from Nobodies to Legends! Fighting HYBE LABELS!!! And please do take care pf your artists don’t be like other agencies 🤭🤣

  • G-18 Sarno, Zaara Jhenikka
    G-18 Sarno, Zaara Jhenikka

    i know they are getting bigger now but why it feels a lot of changes will happen. i mean some saddest and confusion things.

  • Serendipity Min
    Serendipity Min

    6:30 Bts ft Bad bunny when ??

  • Brandon Montoya
    Brandon Montoya

    Well, I'm not mad with Hybe 'cause they don't have the blame for nothing that the owner of Ithaca was done but... I can't support this cooperation. Fuck you, Scooter Braun and Scott Borcheta for everything that you did to Taylor. I could live 100 years and I always will say that.

    • Serendipity Min
      Serendipity Min

      What happened to Taylor ?

  • Yosmerlin Encarnación
    Yosmerlin Encarnación

    Bts ft j balvin

  • Oneli Peiris
    Oneli Peiris

    BigHit believed in 16 year old Namjoon. Now look at how far they've come. It makes me cry. *Congratulations!! 💜💜💜💜*

  • los tres chiflados Pionce
    los tres chiflados Pionce

    Happy bts ❤antes no les prestaban atención a bts, ahora si les interesa

  • Marian Segera
    Marian Segera

    No one can pull down this empire now bcoz this was made out of blood, sweat n tears of 7 teenage boys 7 yrs ago..... good intentions deserves good prosperity

  • Eddy Monasterios
    Eddy Monasterios




  • andrw duran.
    andrw duran.

    la intro parecía de esos canales de juegos DHEEHFWFGFFGFI

  • bipana lama
    bipana lama

    HYBE taking half the western industry where armys screaming about silver hair

  • JKWillhbae 97
    JKWillhbae 97

    BTS really did build an empire! They started from the very bottom and rose to this level of success and fame by their hard work and passion for music only without any huge media/industry backing them up. So proud of them and I'm glad to be a fan of them. Forever will be an ARMY!

  • fadiya selfiana
    fadiya selfiana

    Keren bgt,🥺

  • The real Mrs. Jeon
    The real Mrs. Jeon

    It's still unbelievable how far they've come. Congratulations

  • The world of Fiction
    The world of Fiction

    How I wish that HYBE starts a joint venture here in India and India gets that system of trainee and then debut..... I know it won't be all the same but it will be able to give te new artists chance who are filled with so much if talent but maybe we lack a platform... Believe me if something like this happens I will be the first one running to audition...cause I want to be an idol..I have that potential but no support or platform 🥺

  • Natalie Kate
    Natalie Kate

    Not at me freaking out hearing Ariana's song.


    Nadeshot is part of ithaca?

  • Affectings

    Anyone know what the first song is?

    • Jin Ikigai
      Jin Ikigai

      The Hybe introduction jingle music? it was probably composed just for this. The first Ithaca song is No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande

  • Desirée Cuezzi.
    Desirée Cuezzi.

    jamás me imagine ver a J-Balvin aquí, wow

  • Desirée Cuezzi.
    Desirée Cuezzi.

    bts paved the way.

  • Desirée Cuezzi.
    Desirée Cuezzi.


  • Ángela nohemy quispe apaza
    Ángela nohemy quispe apaza

    What's wrong with them? I mean, they want to get BTS and the other guys together with some bad singers

    • Ángela nohemy quispe apaza
      Ángela nohemy quispe apaza

      @Jin Ikigai jajajaja 😠

    • Jin Ikigai
      Jin Ikigai

      "bad singers" lmao No matter how much you dislike them you can't deny bieber, grande & balvin are among the biggest global stars. Grande is even known for being a good singer... It's a smart business decision ; they're establishing their position in the US industry, getting more money & more opportunities to promote their korean artists there

  • leandra mejia
    leandra mejia

    Omg is cool 😎

  • Gabriela Fernandez Polinario
    Gabriela Fernandez Polinario

    축하합니다 HYBE 아티스트 증가 축하합니다💜💜💜💜

  • marikit tio
    marikit tio

    wow. hitman bang NEVER fails to be better.

  • nur Waton
    nur Waton

    Why do I rename Bighit entertaiment to H YBE

  • Xavier

    And I'm still waiting for jinhit

  • Muhammadizzul Wildan
    Muhammadizzul Wildan

    Awesome wark 💜💜💜💜💜💜 Good luck always for HYBE and ITHACA

  • T Chinmayee
    T Chinmayee

    Imagine Justin Bieber and Justin Seagull collaborating for a song😂😂

  • Simeona Kim
    Simeona Kim

    6:10 seeing TAYLOR SWIFT album from taylor to reputation as his background... Hmm 🤔

  • Ramailo Technology
    Ramailo Technology

    Its bts effect everyone

  • Märîä Rämîrëzz
    Märîä Rämîrëzz

    J balvin : ya tu sabe'😙✌🏻 BTS:no no c'👁👁

  • Märîä Rämîrëzz
    Märîä Rämîrëzz

    Ustedes se imaginan si hubiera colaboración de Btsx Ariana Grandex j balvin🤯🤯igual siempre quedo asi:🤡 JAJAJAJA

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan
    Bangtan Sonyeondan

    I didn't knew there was any company called Ithaca until now!! Well congratulations Ithaca🙌🏽

  • Acidic술blØoDキロメートル

    No entendi un pingo pero sI.

  • Sunshine

    I am crying....cause I remember when they didn't have money for anything...they had to choose to eat or to go home comfortably....I AM PROUD OF YOU.

  • Katherine Correa
    Katherine Correa

    Lo unbico que entendi fue el saludo de j balvin xd 💜

  • حاتم عسيري
    حاتم عسيري

    لااله الا الله

  • Emelyn _Garcia
    Emelyn _Garcia

    Por lo menos entendí algo en todo el video

  • Emelyn _Garcia
    Emelyn _Garcia

    J balvin oppa xd

    • Serendipity Min
      Serendipity Min


  • Vanesa Campos
    Vanesa Campos


  • LALI

    Wey j Balvin un orgullo para los latinos🇲🇽👏👏

  • Maizah Syafiqah
    Maizah Syafiqah

    Why big hit changed the name??? New here btw

  • Nata Isabelaaa
    Nata Isabelaaa

    Los Grammys les va a tener que pedir la bendición 😌🥰

  • sindi

    Justin bieber x bts😍👏

  • sindi

    Dua perusahaan besar kerja sama👏


    J Balvin oppa ♤♡♡

    • elen.

      j balvin: ya tu sabe bts: no no se

  • Kusum Shrestha
    Kusum Shrestha

    If hybe is going to show only txt, ehypen then I will really unsubscribe this channel. Like really my boys always say they are too busy but where are their content huh?? I miss bts every day, we want to know how are they, what are they doing.

    • Kusum Shrestha
      Kusum Shrestha

      @Jin Ikigai bro I don’t need your opinions it’s my choice.

    • Jin Ikigai
      Jin Ikigai

      BTS are also active on weverse & have their Run BTS variety show, I promise you fans get plenty of BTS content

    • Jin Ikigai
      Jin Ikigai

      Bts are busy preparing for their comeback in late may/early June. We get more Enhypen videos on the Hybe channel these days because Enhypen is making their comeback end of April so they're dropping album teasers, this is logical. If you want more BTS content, BTS have their own MRfor channel called Bangtan TV, just like TXT has TOMORROW X TOGETHER OFFICIAL. BTS was all over the Hybe introduction and welcomed the Ithaca artists, how can you complain about Hybe not showing them enough 💀

  • kpop Mania
    kpop Mania

    Bang PD congratulations you won I hope you will always be a winner.

  • AroundTheWorldVideo

    I sure do hope that this means HYBE will be taking part in training and developing young American talent like Big Hit (for example) has done with BTS over in Korea. Much can be said for artistic freedom, but I know many extremely talented American kids who have fought to make it in the music industry in the U.S. and were unable to do so. NOT because they weren't extremely talented, but because they had no one to GUIDE them, train them, and help them grow and develop their talent. PLEASE HYBE x ITHICA. Do this right. Hold auditions, start training programs, feed them, clothe them, treat them right, and they will never ever fail you.

  • Golden Prince
    Golden Prince

    You all guys don't know who scooter brown is, da real snakeeee... Ssssss....

  • Chingu Desu
    Chingu Desu

    Hace unos días tirándole todo el hate posible a Ariana Grande, ahora la aman. En fin la hipotenusa.

  • CYelle18

    This is actually insane though

  • Koka Read
    Koka Read


  • Koka Read
    Koka Read


  • Ananta Rinaldi
    Ananta Rinaldi

    Oh my God......

  • Ananya Baldotra
    Ananya Baldotra

    Okayyy, But what about my BangSwiftie heart......... ? 😷

    • Golden Prince
      Golden Prince

      Yeaah I know you feeling

  • Mansi Verma
    Mansi Verma

    Daebak... Amazing😣 .now I don't need,to anywhere else... All idols in one place💜💜💜💜💜

  • Anusha Mayadeo
    Anusha Mayadeo

    BTSVT representatives of HYBE

  • Madia sliuman
    Madia sliuman

    i announce my exit from the K-pop world

    • Madia sliuman
      Madia sliuman

      @Golden Prince because off jasten and areana

    • Golden Prince
      Golden Prince


  • Niesfy Nur Q
    Niesfy Nur Q


  • A. Peztña
    A. Peztña

    ¡Ahhhh! Te amo, Justin. ♡ TTwTT También a BTS. ♡ Espero una colaboración... jejej

  • Ambreen Izhar
    Ambreen Izhar


  • Yang Meigui
    Yang Meigui

    Do we have a new ARMY from another artist's fan? Let's get along ^^

  • Vaishali dhanray
    Vaishali dhanray

    So is it like BTS will collaborate with Justin Bieber Gfriend with ari ENHYPEN with J Blavin Wow 😲

  • Sabrina Joyce Anne Ballesteros
    Sabrina Joyce Anne Ballesteros


  • Sobia Obaid
    Sobia Obaid

    Ok things aside I have noticed that this video has less veiws then the video " I created a song out of BTS memes" Like that has 14m and this has 2.9m 😂😂😂 How 😂 someone explain

  • Joselyn Rodríguez
    Joselyn Rodríguez

    3:21 weee está hermoso!!👁️👄👁️❤️💜💜❤️💜❤️xd

  • Joselyn Rodríguez
    Joselyn Rodríguez

    BigHit no domina el mundo porque no quiere!!!!😎💜

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