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Here is our story about Big Hit's new corporate branding, our goals and our new office space.

0:00 Introduction
6:03 New Corporate Brand Name
7:29 Organization
18:32 Mission & Vision
21:49 New Brand Identity
24:53 New Office Space
36:33 Closing

[“HYBE: NEW BRAND PRESENTATION” Planning & Supervision]
Chief Creative Director: Heejin Min
Creative Director: Yemin Kim
Assistant Director: Donghoon Shin
Planning: Nayeon Kim, Han-gyeol Kim
- Designfever
Design: Yi Ju Hwan, Park Ji Yeon, Jung Song Hee, Chung Hyun Ju
Motion: Moon Ji Woong, Ryu Keun Ju, Choi Ah Yeong, Kim Young Ran, Kim Da Hui
Planning: Bae Euri, Rhee Jee Hee
- Kenosis
3D: James KyungSoo Kim, Joongmin Park, MyeongHwan Cho, Kim Sang Hee
Chief Creative Director: Heejin Min
Project Director: Yemin Kim
Design: Yemin Kim, Han-gyeol Kim
Creative Director : Jaehee Joh
Project Director : Seungwon Yoo
BX Designer : Boram An, Jinsol Shin, Hongeun Yoon, Jagyoun Koo
[HYBE Architects]
FHHH friends + studio COM
Sejoong Kim, Joowon Han, Hanjin Yoon, Seungjae Han, Yangkyu Han
Team: Yunju Choi, Eunjee Choe, Yoomi Shin, Jaenam Lim, Hyunseok Hong, Youngho Cho, Hyesang Park
*Spatial Experience Design
Hanjin Yoon (FHHH), Joowon Han (COM), Sejoong Kim (COM), Heejin Min (HYBE), Donghoon Shin (HYBE)

  • isra sheriff
    isra sheriff

    Bighit and BTS really made it 👍

  • Mary Minhih
    Mary Minhih

    Big hit

  • nadi moo
    nadi moo

    i lowkey feel like people are overreacting with the intro. like don’t get me wrong i love the intro but i wouldn’t sulk over it.

  • toyo iwasaki
    toyo iwasaki

    It was well understood that the process leading up to the launch of the new organization, the corporate philosophy, and the goal of global activities centered on music. It's good to think that the artist will follow the spirit from the beginning, such as the style of being involved in various departments from the beginning of the founding, such as voluntarily and flexibly involved in various departments from music production to performance. Such an attitude is reflected in the structure and design of the building that supports the worries of working employees and flexible activities, and it must be noticed as an ideal company. It was a novel and sophisticated online announcement that would lead the digital and SNS era.

  • hadia adeel
    hadia adeel

    but all of you should agree even if you are not a BTS fan and are a fan of bighit/HYBE other groups that without BTS this HYBE entertainment wouldn't have been made. without the hard work of those teenage boys, this wouldn't be true and the group's TXT, Enhypen, Seventeen, or G-friend wouldn't be here today. Without BTS the small big hit entertainment wouldn't have become HYBE entertainment so I think more than half of the credit goes to them and the other half goes to bang PD and their incredible staff. I DONT CARE IF YOU AGREE !!! THIS THE TRUTH!!!!!

  • BarHyungツ


  • Sakura Ninja
    Sakura Ninja

    I couldn't help but notice that they used the pantone colors of the year in their design. The pantone colors of the year is illuminating (which is a yellow tone) meaning warmth and optimism and a lighter tone of Ultimate Gray which symbolizes strength and stability. Good choices I have to say, they work well with the new design.

  • Suma N V
    Suma N V

    Bighit was replaced by hybe to get get more subscribers from pledis ent and other companies. To overcome blackpink subscriber count. IDIOTS.

    • Brandy Johnson
      Brandy Johnson

      You do know big hit still exist right it's not gone

  • Huệ Phạm
    Huệ Phạm

    HYBE also buys IU's agency. Personal opinion !!

  • Huệ Phạm
    Huệ Phạm

    HYBE also buys IU's agency. Personal opinion !!

  • naiiinaa

    I misssss the tuing tuing plop plop intro🥺

  • Ella Mae Lopez
    Ella Mae Lopez

    saan si suga bat amin lang ung bts?

  • Sara maisha
    Sara maisha

    Can we just appreciate how much they have done for us. If it wasn't for them Bts couldn't exist.

  • Insert Name
    Insert Name

    This place is HUGE, no wonder beomgyu got lost


    이제 스엠 제왑삐 와이지 하이브인가


    아니 근데 방형 아리아나랑 비버 진짜에요? 아 진짜???

  • dwiyani kumala hapsari
    dwiyani kumala hapsari

    Did Hybe also bring and display Jimin's photo taken in Run BTS in this new office (before it was displayed in the guest room in old office)?

  • Aoccha Again
    Aoccha Again

    I somehow feel embarrassed by top comments 😬 I mean, here CEOS, CBO and literal chairman of HYBE explaining you their new brand and philosophy for 38:54 minutes long....🤦‍♀and.. I mean y'all get it🤣

  • Aoccha Again
    Aoccha Again

    So the conclusion is.. I want to work there 😭

  • Janani R.G
    Janani R.G

    21:36 the cute doodles are to die for oh my god

  • Andien Arlin
    Andien Arlin

    kok mantep bet si


    coloca no archdaily pra eu usar de referencia nos meus ateliê da faculdade KKKKKKKKKK

  • Im YK
    Im YK

    B: BTS T: TXT S: SVT

  • Sruthi

    I cannot get over the fact they used Jungkook's drawing as Bang PD's icon. ;D

  • alexa cliff
    alexa cliff

    as a marketing student I am this: 🛐🛐🛐

  • random is epic
    random is epic

    Lol i thought i thought the b was a p

  • ツ Dodo ツ
    ツ Dodo ツ

    OKAY this is the coolest presentation I've ever seen.

  • Two Crow
    Two Crow

    Okay but this makes me want to work here. Seems like a company that would care about your birthday. And that a lot more than America. Sign me up. I’d be willing to learn anything

  • Farah

    Feel bad for ZICO and DVWN cause they litteraly have to pay to be in the bulding but they are not the one that make the most of monney.

  • Harry Tomoe
    Harry Tomoe

    I just came here to say .. *I'M STILL NOT USE TO THE NEW LOGO THAT WHENEVER I GET NOTIFICATION FROM THIS CHANNEL I DON'T SPEED PRESS THINKING IT'S ANOTHER CHANNEL* (My brain takes time to process that the logo changed n it's still BHent channel but a different brand name)

  • Mora Market Official
    Mora Market Official

    I wish that BIGHIT still exist, and become the secondary label/company, under HYBE that specialized for BTS. At least, that's what big Labels do for their big artists, like in SM.

    • Mora Market Official
      Mora Market Official

      Gokil, ini hasil akuisisi berapa perusahaan sih X.X Tapi dia bawa nama HYBE dari label Japan, berarti HYBE Japan lebih besar dong pengaruhnya drpd BiGHit Ent., sebelum mereka gabung??

  • Marhythmnn

    HYBE has very forward thinkings.Although my abilities are not good enough, the charm of HYBE attracted me deeply, and I was eager to join the HYBE.Looking forward to the company getting better ! I will improve myself and strive to become a member of HYBE one day !

  • Taya Krings
    Taya Krings

    i just can say W O W

  • Angel Fish
    Angel Fish

    i was so sad thinking that we wont get the big hit intro in the music videos anymore, but now i think we still will?

  • V STAN
    V STAN

    Gonna be weird seeing it as Hybe and not BigHit

  • Ty _Fer
    Ty _Fer

    Fighting Hybe labels, let's enjoy and treat the idols well! ♡

  • Ty _Fer
    Ty _Fer

    Aron's existence is still there even though he wasn't there, NU'EST is the most healing family ever.

  • Ty _Fer
    Ty _Fer


  • Ty _Fer
    Ty _Fer

    Tiger Hoshi. :(

  • Dohee Kim
    Dohee Kim

    존나 투바투만 개그콘서트 개처웃김

  • シKim John
    シKim John

    عرب ؟ :)

  • Kenchana Dewi
    Kenchana Dewi

    Gfriend are Queens Of Genre POWER INNOCENT (Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, Love Whisper) RETRO (Navillera) POWER CHIC (Fingertip, Labyrinth) PASHIONATE MELANCHOLY (Rough, Summer Rain, TFMN, Memoria, Sunrise, Fallin Light, Crossroads) COOL POP DANCE (Sunny Summer) TANGGO (Flower) MOOMBAHTOON (Fever) POP TRACK WITH RETRO and TRENDY SOUND (Appe) MODERN WITCH (Mago)

  • *. BŢŚ Ļøvĕŕ .*
    *. BŢŚ Ļøvĕŕ .*

    هلا هلا حاطين لغة عربية و ترجمة عربية احم احم استحي استحي يعني انتو مهتمين لنا يلا جيبو BTS العراق :)

  • alien taetae
    alien taetae


  • the tram that stops
    the tram that stops

    bruh everyone's talking about the brand name change but honestly?? I love how in-detail the presentation was about the building design I would actually pay money to get a tour of the inside of the building in person because the design is fucking AMAZING and there's so much thought put into it and it's so FUCKING COOL THEY THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING HOLY SHIT mad props to whoever was involved in the design of the building because it looks amazing-

  • yxch en-
    yxch en-

    just wanna said, hybe employees will be so lucky to be in this company.. they build the new building w care and great reasoning... i wish to work under this company music.. just my lowkey dreams

  • hobi's sprite can
    hobi's sprite can

    dang I thought they were gonna change it to Jin Hit Entertainment

  • Erick Garcia
    Erick Garcia

    lol why macOS parody and windows bsod

  • Amii._


  • yoon hlaing
    yoon hlaing

    I miss Big hit . I donť like hybe. I like big hit .☹️😣☹️☹️☹️☹️😣

  • yoon hlaing
    yoon hlaing

    I miss Big hit . I donť like hybe. I like big hit .☹️😣☹️☹️☹️☹️😣

  • Lance Dance
    Lance Dance

    Is Heejin Min single? anyone know? asking for a friend... :0

  • Valderice Serra
    Valderice Serra


  • asma ali
    asma ali

    16:06 بمووت كاتبين عربي (موسيقى) (ثقافه) حبيييت

  • asma ali
    asma ali

    16:06 بمووت كاتبين عربي (موسيقى) (ثقافه) حبيييت

  • asma ali
    asma ali

    16:06 بمووت كاتبين عربي (موسيقى) (ثقافه) حبيييت

  • Nessa

    Won’t lie I do kinda hate the name. Idk it just doesn’t hit right to me

  • Sign Name Here
    Sign Name Here

    The hyper nomad system is smart

  • roor

    رجعوا اسمكم الاول لا اصيدكم ✨

  • Daniela Cedillo-Vargas
    Daniela Cedillo-Vargas

    They truly do care about the comfort of their employees. It makes you want to go to work. Btw the Forum looks so pretty 😍

  • MYG V
    MYG V

    This is the company that blown up so well,they have a lot of multi-talented artist,multi-supportive fans,loving staff,lastly the hardworking ceo I couldn't describe how happy I am that they are receiving much more blessing,I hope that they will encounter more blessings,love and support through they're Journey HYBE WE BELIEVE IN MUSIC 🎵

  • debbie moodenbaugh
    debbie moodenbaugh

    And all BTS members are shareholders!!! way to go HYBE.

  • I'm A Office Boy
    I'm A Office Boy

    I'm still going to call them BigHit no matter what.

  • Regine Joy Revolledo
    Regine Joy Revolledo

    The company that takes care the mental health of the employees ❤️

  • Luiz Lopes
    Luiz Lopes

    pov: você achou o comentário brasileiro que tava procurando

  • Mya Elqaereena
    Mya Elqaereena

    Oooo, they changed the name of their entertainment from Big Hit to HYBE

  • Speaking the Truth
    Speaking the Truth

    Oh great so evil boss Bang who used to have his managers beat BTS, worked them to death until now, forced them to go on diets, called Jin a pig when he didn't reach their goal weight for him, called Jimin ugly and threatened to kick him out, and would not give BTS a break until so many fans demanded so much they finally did it for a month two years ago, and continually pretends to be freedom-giving but still use the SAME management terms to dye the boys' hair every few days against their will and dress them however they want and control everything - this f*cking slave driver is going to take over American companies and introduce modern slavery and human trafficking in broad daylight to the USA?! Why are the millennials so utterly ignorant and blind and superficial. Where is your IQ or EQ? Are you guys so brainwashed by internet and too much screen time you have no ability to tell good from evil? This is a horrible thing, a destruction of western civilization that for hundreds of years shined freedom and freed people from feudalism and communism. Now they are celebrating and loving those coming into control you, brainwash you, make you delusional to think some foreigner will marry you some day or they are "angels?!" You guys really are delusional and crazy and mind controlled. Wake up! BTS is 15kgs under normal human beings. They work late into the night, have no real relationships outside of their work, and are not even in relationships with fans - they are lonely caged birds. They are the most isolated, controlled and inhuman robots in the world, and they have been seduced by money and groomed to think they is their life and they have no other choices. Bang gave them to shares to lock them in, not enough shares so they could make any company decisions (so they are still controlled), but enough they would feel like they had stakes in the company. By doing this, Bang effectively makes BTS UNABLE TO QUIT or leave the company , because they will loss money and their stakes - as BTS is the group that makes the company money. If they leave their shares would be worth nothing, so they effective loss everything. You kids have no clue what you are dealing with. UN, Billboard, Grammys and now this - do you really think so naively that BTS so quickly made into the global and US market by their songs and dancing?? No. This is part of the global new order that Bang has become part of it, and the evil top controllers of the world are joining hands to try to push your generation (millennials and Gen Z) into modern slavery to Tota digital control and one-world government. Gen X and Y didn't buy that crap, but you guys are brainwashed cus you grew up with so much internet and globalist and godless education. Bang is freaking evil and just look at how half of BTS not even that happy. Some of them are in on it. The leader is probably. But the others don't love it because they know the kind of life they have led and they are probably confused why anyone would want to live like them. Some of them love America seeing the freedom and creativity stars could have. But they are perplexed now the things that control them will now control others (if their boss succeeds - in this case he probably will because he just bought them with his money so). RM and Suga and whoever is excited about is are probably in on it. But anyway, it is a sad day for America and future generations of this earth. The evil world lord of idolatry and human slavery is here to fight the land of the free. Given the blindness and brainwashed fangirls, I mourn for the western civilization. You were called to preach good news to the poor and set the captives free with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to bring light into the enslaved of the world. But you stubbornly turned your hearts away from the real God, and ran into your fake idols, people with heavy makeup using God-given talents not to glorify Him in heaven, but parade around their deprived sexuality and pride only to seduce young ignorant girls who are enslaved by passions and selfish desires. They are the blind leading the blind into destruction, so together controlled by evil world lords who know their appetites and can therefore design schemes to trick you with every temptation and sugarcoated candies. All of you run lustfully into your lovers' naked bodies, only to find out they are ravenous wolves and you are addicts. You have no life purpose or real joy, because you have exchanged your life for a lie, a mass delusion and a mental cult. You have no future because you sold it for a lie so you can satisfy your desires, but you fail to understand you are never satisfied, because everything is just a digital, virtual illusion. You still don't realize this simply reality and fact - these people you "love" so much do not know you. You do not really know them. And they do not love you. Nor have you ever had one word to say to each other. It is a fantasy- it is not real. Now they are coming to your country to make the delusion stronger while trafficking the boys. Bang is a pimp who makes young boy into fake gods and he tricks them with their contracts so they can never leave. Hotel California applies both to BTS members and you fans. Only people who can leave are the ones who wake up and kill the beast. But without Christ, no one can do that. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near. Whoever worships the beast and the anti-Christ is in dander of hell-fire. Please repent. You can disagree with me. But I have done more than my share of research. I have tons of Korean friends because I am Asian and I have studied the end times. What is happening these days are troubling. Open your eyes and choose who you will seek and serve - the living God who made heaven, earth and you, and gave His Son to die for your sins so you can be saved and reconciled to Him forever and receive sonship in Him and escape the punishment of your sins by being forgiven by faith in Jesus Christ? Or do you want to serve human beings who are just like you, as if they are gods and praise them day and night and give their boss all your money, life and time that GOD has given you to use for good and for an eternal purpose. You complain people are suffering, but all you do is sit home and watch pretty boys and waste your life? All you do is enjoy music and gossip. What about the purpose of your life, the meaning and who really loves you and who will you really love? Do you love a delusion, or God? I pray you would all wake up before it is too late. In Christ, every living person can still repent before Jesus come back. But when he comes back it will be too late. Whoever still has not seized God's offer of grace to save them will face their judgment and be given their punishment - eternal godless separation in punishment and separation from God. Don't get it twisted. All that you enjoy now - freedom, food, joy, relationships, health, a sound mind, coherence, hope, ability to function and understand things and receive good things, even light -- all these things comes only from God. He has common grace for all man on this earth. Even evil people have these things on earth. But when the judgement comes, those who have hated him and all this time decided to reject God and wants darkness and Satanic - they will go into separation from God and His goodness forever. That is your choice. So don't blame God. He is so loving He could never force Himself on anyone - though He is utterly perfect and good and they should love Him. Don't believe the lie that not choosing will make it all go away. When you don't follow Jesus and trust that He did come from the Father, you are saying God doesn't want to save you and never did send His Son to save you. You are saying you do not accept that as true. So you are saying God is a liar for He says He has sent His Son so that whosoever shall believe in Him shall not perish but will have eternal life. If you could idols and not God, you have made the decision to rebel against and hate Him - and so He will give you exactly what you have chosen - the demons that control these idols. You, your idols and their controllers will all go to the place of eternal punishment. Stop living like this is not a big deal. Stop lying to yourselves and plug your eyes away from those idols and think about what is really going on, and ask God to help you to repent and learn about Him before it's too late. This is not to scare you, but given to us so we can have a way out of this present dark world and it's strong delusions. God Wanda to save us, and He is the One who actually is perfect, kind, loving and true. All the talents which are abused to glorify man are made to glorify God. This is why the world's top singers almost all grew up singing in the church as a child. But they went astray being led into the entertainment industry and had breakdowns, because we are not meant to be apart form God. We need Jesus our Creator - only He can truly satisfy and actually meet our needs..Don't believe me. Google BIBLE ESV or Bible NIV to read the book of Genesis on how God created us, how we rebelled against God, and then the book of John to see who the Savior is and what He said. God bless!

  • Paramita Banerjee
    Paramita Banerjee

    BTS at 15 minutes

  • Sehee Jun
    Sehee Jun


  • Fan of JinHit Ent
    Fan of JinHit Ent

    10:48 yeji toke his job

  • riritruffles

    Eyo hitman bang

  • só sei que nada sei
    só sei que nada sei

    I really like the building's design, congratulations for the project I would love to work in a environment like that!!

  • Lorena Miranda Perez
    Lorena Miranda Perez

    Hybe를 디자인 한 건축가 또는 스튜디오가 누구인지 아는 사람이 있습니까?

  • Lorena Miranda Perez
    Lorena Miranda Perez

    Does anyone know who is the architect or studio that designed Hybe?

    • Lorena Miranda Perez
      Lorena Miranda Perez

      @highlighth0sh Oh thanks c:

    • highlighth0sh

      in the description box it says the architects were FHHH friends and studio COM, as well as two members of HYBE. hope that helps :)

  • stardust 88
    stardust 88

    something like this reminds me to start up😂

  • ᴠᴏʏɴɪᴇ

    Rindu bighit 😭

  • Jakes Wife
    Jakes Wife

    Hey can you made a bldg exclusively for bts

  • Carol S
    Carol S

    Congratulations hybe 💙

  • Ghefira zidnya althafunnisa
    Ghefira zidnya althafunnisa

    We Will all Miss the old BIG HIT intro song 😢😓 Good bye Intro big hit we Miss you INDONESIAN ARMY 👇🇲🇨🇰🇷🇲🇨🇰🇷

  • Spring Day
    Spring Day


  • ShellyA*

    In my 8 years of experience by working in various MNCs .. this was the best All-hands Meeting or Townhall... N believe me i have attended a lot.... HYBE makes me feel that i am part of this company.... Plus... Jungkook's sketch of Bang PD is actually being used in Corporate presentation ... HEHE ...

  • Farhat shaikh
    Farhat shaikh

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you change the name

  • TB

    대단하다 👍👍👍

  • sawako koronuma
    sawako koronuma

    Aún que entiendo el ingles me siento decepcionada por que no ay traducción al español

  • Denoosoo

    Music for healing was such a good slogan tho 😞

  • Kary Jim
    Kary Jim

    ya métanle sub español no?

  • Azu Shi
    Azu Shi

    -Moving the office mobile rack dividers and setting up the walls seem annoying. But even worse is that while you can turn the wheel on the mobile racks, the chairs, tables, and walls all need to be carried and set up. it seems to be for her concept, not for practicality, because they have many floors, so they could've built different sized rooms with adjustable lighting if they wanted, but the CBO Heejin Min wanted her concept on every floor, so every floor gets these makeshift rooms instead of real rooms. they could've added so much more functionality to proper "real" rooms, but instead, they get divider rooms with the only feature being adjustable lights (which a real room would've had anyways). -No more individual desks/cubicles? I see a big problem for germaphobes who must maintain their private space perfectly/cleanly. Now they have to sit at places that any random employee sat at. More people are becoming sensitive to cleanliness since Covid-19, and many workplaces require you to disinfect any seat/table you used before leaving. Not a good time to get rid of private work spaces imo. Heejin's design alienated all the germaphobes (they are more common than you think). -Heejin says that you can workout anytime at work. Some people are prone to smell/sweat and some people are inconsiderate. This "free" environment would not make those people more considerate, which means they are going to walk around touching things with sweaty hands and sitting on chairs with sweaty pants. And because all chairs are shared, u never know who used your chair/table that day. Your "free" design won't make inconsiderate people more considerate (cause that's their upbringing). Some employees might suffer from gym rats walking around the office, smelling like a gym. -And if employees are squeezing in workouts between their meetings "freely", how many have good enough time management and/or discipline/consideration to shower? They might just rush to a meeting after an intense workout. i've met people who just plain don't shower even when the workplace has no gym. imagine a way bigger building, but with open gyms inside. i predict the number of such people will be higher than my exprience. -Letting your hair down on a windy rooftop? Hmm... seems you will get the opposite effect of "comb". -Also, why is Heejin so fixated on NOT DECORATING? she says she wants a cozy environment, but then says the design is only for efficiency. i mean, design is also how to achieve a "cozy environment". could they not let the designers add anything at all? the place looks very abstract and angular, with varying shades of white/black mostly. the only hint of warmth is from the wooden chairs. yet she keeps on emphasizing that the place should be "cozy" yet without design and efficient. The only thing that remotely relates to "cozy" is the fact that she removed everyone's personal work space so they have to wander around more, and potentially talk/interact more.

    • highlighth0sh

      you woke up and said facts. no literally so much of the new building didn't make sense to me but you summed it up

  • Azu Shi
    Azu Shi

    15:54 ALIEN

  • София Волк
    София Волк

    А я-то пыталась понять, куда делся Биг Хит..

  • Y4kka

    I'm a joke to you big hit?? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Y4kka

    JIN HIT!!!

  • thanh nam nguyen
    thanh nam nguyen

    this is so big

  • Kristina



    I am gonna miss those balls flying across my screen and those rhythm....😢😥😓

  • Sash teaa_
    Sash teaa_

    BTS HAVE COME SO FAR!!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Parul Mehta
    Parul Mehta


  • 해수

    20:20 36:33

  • secretgarden

    shoutout to the motion designers and editors that worked their asses off for this


    I really hope bighit labels will make a family concert. Including all the group BTS, SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, NUEST, TXT AND ENHYPEN And sing together in one stage. This is the only entertainment i stan because all of them are so chaotic mess, funny, talented And their visual is out of the universe and i hope they will support each other and no more awkwardness..

    • Sara maisha
      Sara maisha

      Me too...🙂

  • Karnika Baroniya
    Karnika Baroniya

    earlier I never had a clear goal but now I think I know what I want to do I always wanted to be in a field that somehow included music and dance but I couldn't be a dancer or singer cause I know for sure It will take me near success cause I'm not as passionate about it as I waver alot I am pretty good at studies so I could get a pretty decent job that's not I wanted I as always confused because I was pretty sure I just didn't want to do a normal boring job but that we have hybe labels my goal is to work under hybe sources

Oh No.... 😂
25 लाख
HYBE x Ithaca Holdings
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Oh No.... 😂
25 लाख