ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) 'ENHYPEN&Hi' Season 2 EP.2
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  • Alma

    Quisiera poder proteger a Jay de todo lo malo 😭

  • One&Only

    I have so much respect for Sunoo

  • Cup cakes
    Cup cakes

    I literally simped 33:38 minutes for the ice prince pls he’s so pretty

  • April Encina
    April Encina

    jay best boy

  • El Psyche
    El Psyche

    Jake positive aura through the screen, i cant understand why i can feel he is such a great and kind hearted people everytime he appeared. then everyone on i land and enhypen said that Jake is really a kind person, even sunghoon said that Jake has "pure milk heart"

  • hakdog _
    hakdog _

    I love ENHYPEN so much🥺

  • Ethan Faith
    Ethan Faith

    I could see another k-pop legend :')

  • iedha aisyah
    iedha aisyah

    6:14 : ni-ki : draws a puppy me : how can you tell that is a puppy?! jake : Thats how Ni-ki always draws puppies ~~ idk,but i love this momentt!! its feels like...

  • May Guinita
    May Guinita

    enhypen: complimenting each other in the bonfire background music: *{sad motivational unhappy musical piano playing}*

  • Mary Martinez
    Mary Martinez

    I can clearly see sunghoon being a male lead in a kdrama.

  • Rosalinda Salgado
    Rosalinda Salgado

    I swear I will always love Jay's "YAAAHHH" scream ✨

  • Twinkle Tiozon
    Twinkle Tiozon

    To be honest I'm a bit bored here.. you know guys I love Enhypen so much but why are they giving them such a boring game like that just sitting on the floor and staffs will ask question to them as a game and the prize are foods (as always) I mean (us) international fans can't relate that much and it's hard for us to understand the game by reading the subtitle as the same time.. why don't they give them fun games like outdoors or sports that would be fun to watch and play also a prizes that are really awesome like money or freefunrides like that?? I want to watch more but I'm just getting confused on what are they playing and a bit boring.. I'm sorry to say this but still Enhypen Iloveyouall I've been your fan since you guys are still in Iland. I just wish for some.. Level up you know things like that.

    • Twinkle Tiozon
      Twinkle Tiozon

      Anyways I'm watching all the episodes here since I've missed it because of my stpd modules

  • Chospirit Wolf
    Chospirit Wolf

    did you know if you spin a boiled egg, it will go fast

  • Mohammad Naim
    Mohammad Naim

    Plisss subtitel indonesia.... plissss

  • 그의미양

    The way sunghoon was jealous omg!!!!😨

  • Azkiya Namira
    Azkiya Namira

    proud of u all gais -love

  • Azkiya Namira
    Azkiya Namira

    omg im crying lol U CAN DO IT JUNGWON!!!

  • Judith M.
    Judith M.

    hahahah to determine if the egg is boiled or raw, just spin the egg on the table. if it spins, its cooked. if it doesnt, its raw..lol its also nice that they have discovered their brotherhood within themselves. At such young ages, they are growing up so fast and they are very responsible. although they are being guided by their mentors, they are obedient enough to follow. it is hard for young ones to be apart from their family, i know that because i have experienced it. i was away from my family from when i was 18yrs and i had to learn a lot from experience but its all part of our destiny. its our life story. everything happens for a reason. GO! ENHYPEN! love you kiddos!!!

  • Maki matsubara
    Maki matsubara

    the staff are sooooo considerate. They treat Enhypen like real babies!!! so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Tatiana Kim Ackerman
    Tatiana Kim Ackerman


  • Tatiana Kim Ackerman
    Tatiana Kim Ackerman


  • Tatiana Kim Ackerman
    Tatiana Kim Ackerman


  • Tatiana Kim Ackerman
    Tatiana Kim Ackerman


  • Gwen Webster
    Gwen Webster

    i miss enhyphen and hi already i wish there were more episodes coming

  • psychedelicacynical

    2:06 "YARSHIK" erhmahgerhd prease jay lorl

  • slightly moore
    slightly moore

    The fact that Jay invited Niki to go hang with his family so he wouldn't be alone on holiday is so precious :-:

  • 박안나

    Even they are Rookies,... ENHYPEN is a very Matured Group I had ever seen.

  • Elena Nava
    Elena Nava

    19:09 heesung rewinding to act like nothing happened😂

  • Beverly Gutierrez
    Beverly Gutierrez

    I'm so soft to these boys


    21:11 lol jake chewing, you can hear it

  • Amreen Anwar
    Amreen Anwar

    why did i get teary and all. :k

  • enhypenstxt

    i'm so proud and lucky to have them. when i was at my worse state, when i was at my lowest, they were there for me always. i'm really thankful towards them and everything they have done for us, engenes. the fact that they always try to post on SNS to interact with us means a lot already. i hope they will stay as who they are today and be the best version of themselves. i wish them only the best things in their life and career, i hope they know that we love, support and appreciate them a lot. let's be together for a long time 💕

  • Elaine Chu
    Elaine Chu

    You can really tell that Jay has a soft spot for our maknae saying that they should try to win the maknae's favorite snack first and switching seats when Niki said his eyes were hurting from the smoke. They really spoil the boy but it's the sweetest thing ever ❤️

  • jeno lee
    jeno lee


  • Jungwon’s ꕥ Mangoes
    Jungwon’s ꕥ Mangoes

    Alternative Title: Enhypen putting all their faith into Niki and Heesung

  • Nana kokoo
    Nana kokoo

    finally i can watch this, i can't watch it yesterday due to many tasks ㅠㅠ

  • Nana kokoo
    Nana kokoo

    finally i can watch this, i can't watch it yesterday due to many tasks ㅠㅠ

  • Leigh


  • maria mercedes
    maria mercedes

    it's always the oldest and the youngest that makes the greatest duo

  • Lyne ytb
    Lyne ytb

    In case Jay wants someone to talk to in French, I'm French and can speak English pretty well so...

  • syahra putri maharani
    syahra putri maharani

    Dear sunoo, Kim sunoo if u see this i hope u know that ur not alone, we here for u always. We can be a good listener too. I wish u will happy forever and never feel alone. Smile if u want, pls never do fake smile front us, okay? we're family. KIM SUNOO UR NOT JUST VISUAL, SUNOO IS MY ✨SUNSHINE✨ IDOL ✨MOOD✨ SINGER✨ TALENTED✨ EVERYTHING✨ PLEASE NEVER BE ALONE AND ALWAYS SHOW US UR REAL SMILE AS BEFORE FOREVER, SARANGHAE!! ❤️

  • Saratiny of Paris
    Saratiny of Paris

    omg Jay is learning french, im happy



  • chizcake -
    chizcake -

    I wanna have friends like them, too

  • chizcake -
    chizcake -

    They're so precious and pure :")


    Why do they all have to be so humble.... I think I'm becoming MOTHER INDIA...i love them so much

  • amalia husna arifin
    amalia husna arifin

    they're using mask while hiking, making them hard to breath and it can cause a serious health problem, please for the staffs to pay attention to it :(

  • hey u smile
    hey u smile

    They are eating camote~

  • Prats

    I have finally NOTICED noticed how eveeyone have such a great smile in EN- 😱🤔😍😍😍

  • Coco Dior
    Coco Dior

    Jays jawline can cut friendships

  • sunjay and jakewon enthusiast
    sunjay and jakewon enthusiast

    JAY: This is so cringy HELPPPPP 😭😭😭

  • sunjay and jakewon enthusiast
    sunjay and jakewon enthusiast

    Why sunghoon so whipped to jake

  • Avanny Rivers
    Avanny Rivers

    TXT: Tries to convince the Staff for the opposite when they fail BTS: Tries to hide their cheating tricks from the staff ENHYPEN: Dont even try to hide their cheating tricks, they do it in front of Staff These guys 😂😂

  • Avanny Rivers
    Avanny Rivers

    Enhypen: [playing cheap tricks in front of Staff] The staff: 👁️👄👁️

  • norman

    I know that this is heavily edited so not everything they said were shown, but I really hope they start to appreciate Sunoo more for his talent/personality over his looks/aegyo. I mean, the selca comments become quite repetitive now and we all know he is more than that. Each one of them is necessary to the group. Every member has his own charm. I understand that some of the members go waaaay back and this lineup is particularly new, but for sure they will become much closer as time goes by.

  • Leen Army
    Leen Army

    Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    I really hope bighit labels will make a family concert. Including all the group BTS, SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, NUEST, TXT AND ENHYPEN And sing together in one stage. This is the only entertainment i stan because all of them are so chaotic mess, funny, talented And their visual is out of the universe and i hope they will support each other and there's no more awkwardness..

  • Mario Dejesus Rojas
    Mario Dejesus Rojas

    Ayuden a Jake con su huevito por fis jsjsjsjs

  • Moon Shadow
    Moon Shadow

    sunghoon's voice is going deeper 🔥

  • Leofhenel Seguiza
    Leofhenel Seguiza

    this episode was just like Jay being the most boyfriend material. Ever.



  • Aha ha
    Aha ha

    The time, I was looking at sunoo's lips. I'm so worried he's cold or isn't feeling well. We all hope he's okay. Keep safe and healthy babies

  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone

    3.22 The point something in the back ground was so similar to hueningkais voiceeeee🤔😭💙

  • Ellie Ellie
    Ellie Ellie

    Jungwon best leader!!

  • Nero Nero
    Nero Nero


  • nelbert corpuz
    nelbert corpuz


  • Gulnar

    Jay’s YAAAAAA at the end😂

  • Gulnar

    They are so bad at games😂

  • Gulnar

    They really adore Riki so much

  • Gulnar

    I am so in love with enhypen

  • Doriane REPENTIN
    Doriane REPENTIN

    pourquoi personne ne parle du fait que Jay apprend le français il est trop adorable sachant que ce n'est pas une langue facile mais merci à lui d'essayer merci de la part de tout les Engene français et française fighting

  • R O S É
    R O S É

    The cutes

  • R O S É
    R O S É

    Bais niki

  • Bangtanoloji


  • Bangtanoloji

    Sung hoon

  • KimHoda

    مين هذول الحلوين؟

  • 박성훈 : park sung hoon.
    박성훈 : park sung hoon.


  • hey_ lulu
    hey_ lulu

    E um grupo novo?

  • DahMeh928

    The amount of love they give each other is so beautiful. I'm so happy that they have such a strong relationship that I could cry

  • Didem Beyazıt
    Didem Beyazıt


  • heyitsjjiung

    14:48 watching as I think they could just erase fail and write success......

  • heyitsjjiung

    1:14 I feel like I'm watching haikyu

  • Trinh Hartney
    Trinh Hartney

    Vote for Jay on Whosfan! Jay’s birthday is on April 20th. To celebrate his day which only happens once a year, you can gift him a bday ad in Times Square! If Jay’s ever made you laugh, inspired you, touched your heart, left you in awe with his amazing performances then please kindly vote for him on whosfan (download app to vote). Voting Ends April 5th at 11 am Korean Time or US/North/South America April 4th 3pm ET, 7pm PT. Thank you!!

  • cref7

    Anytime anyone loses or makes a mistake... Jake: Ah ghwenchana ghwenchana....


    as time passes by, ive learned to love them more individually and as a group, all of their personalities are really lovable

  • Lisa torres
    Lisa torres

    When they were at the fire I was sobbing 😭🤚🏼

  • id cov
    id cov

    The staffs are nice giving them unlimited trial to win 😂

  • Nelson Valnomd
    Nelson Valnomd

    Diba yung itlog pag pinaikot tas umikot ng mabilis ibig sabihin luto HAHHAHAHAHAHA

  • Baraahaكيف يمكن معرفه انه فتح لايف بليز مساعده Ai
    Baraahaكيف يمكن معرفه انه فتح لايف بليز مساعده Ai

    نحناا عرب اضيفوا اللغه العربيه

  • Stephanie Tuazon
    Stephanie Tuazon

    that moment when jake starts to speak some english words and the members follows

  • yunita situmeang
    yunita situmeang


  • Kim Nono
    Kim Nono

    We are all_gen_gen

  • Diazz

    heeseung looks brazilian lol, so cute

  • peachy Juyeon
    peachy Juyeon

    i love you

  • jimin's jams
    jimin's jams

    lmao heeseung is so hilarious

  • mar lyn
    mar lyn

    Subtittle where are you??? Jebal

  • nithu sjsjsk
    nithu sjsjsk

    Enhypen's Comeback

  • Sanbae_ nanda
    Sanbae_ nanda

    Enhypen troughout this episode: show their cuteness

  • All About Things
    All About Things

    Ahhhh I love them so much 🥺

  • Amneris Antipan
    Amneris Antipan

    HYBE I demand that you put subtitles in Spanish🙃 How crazy to say this in English, I hope you understand❣