ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) 'ENHYPEN&Hi' Season 2 EP.3
Meet ENHYPEN at [ENHYPEN&Hi Season 2]
Wednesday 7:00PM (KST) @ Mnet
Wednesday 8:00PM (KST) @ Bighit Labels, ENHYPEN Weverse, ENHYPEN V LIVE
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  • One&Only

    21:32 I can't stop replaying Sunghoon's adlibs to the fanchant haha, what a diva

  • Sunoo wife
    Sunoo wife


  • Purple Lovely Taekook
    Purple Lovely Taekook

    I cried with them in the end.We are always with you Enhypen,hope we'll meet in person in the future

  • S H
    S H

    I supeer hate the flat chopticks😬

  • Mariane Mae Yanoc
    Mariane Mae Yanoc

    Enhypen we are all so proud of you!!! Keep growing and be the best version of yourselves. We love you so much!

  • Jo_ Ley
    Jo_ Ley

    I hate to see my boys crying it hurts me I like to thank every engene for supporting them ♥️🥺

  • Samanta


  • Ayshu N
    Ayshu N

    Jay so cute

  • Ankita Rath
    Ankita Rath

    Sunoo being Dahyun at 20:51

  • Veronica Ditte Fotland
    Veronica Ditte Fotland

    Niki at the end🥺

  • K Nandhini Nandhini
    K Nandhini Nandhini

    Enhypen really looking soooooooooooooooooooooo cute...😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • ems frau
    ems frau

    Go enhypen

  • Cinthia

    15:09 I strongly believe Jay had no business looking that fine

  • Syakila Rahma
    Syakila Rahma

    can someone tell me where I can watch the fan meeting, because I want watch it :((

  • Ms Spy
    Ms Spy

    22:00 That iconic *"HELLO"*

  • Shaiha Shaheem
    Shaiha Shaheem

    i love the outfit heeseung is wearing in the rehearsal

  • Prince Sunoo
    Prince Sunoo

    I hope there's season 3 already 😭

  • Angela Sealana
    Angela Sealana

    Oh my gosh they're so precious 🥲

  • Life as Mel
    Life as Mel

    This episode really touched my heart! We've gotten the pleasure to see enhypen be built from the ground up (I-land) and had a chance to bond with the members as trainees. It's only been about 6 months since the debut group was announced and about 4 months since their debut and they are working so hard. To say these boys don't have talent means you are blind and deaf. Let's support them to the end engene! We are one!

  • Isabella Monreal Escobedo
    Isabella Monreal Escobedo

    Is it just me or does Sunoo looks like K from I-Land in the minute 19:08??? When he was passing by. I think it's just me.

  • YAY

    Next, 2x dance challengeeee 😄😄😄

  • Trixie Joy Villarina
    Trixie Joy Villarina

    My Euphoria... Ni-Ki and he is very kawaii

  • Yoonji Min
    Yoonji Min

    This occasion will be remembered forever!😭❤️

  • nahdya

    not at sunghoon gives all his loves to everyone.

  • mj kr
    mj kr

    Enhyphen forever, love you guys so much , ENGENE will always be there for you guys , fightinggg!!!!!

  • zahtul doie
    zahtul doie

    predebut engenes definitely the luckiest one

  • Kate Midgley
    Kate Midgley

    feels weird hearing Jake talk about places like Mt Coot-tha that are so banal for me

  • cande castagnola
    cande castagnola

    son lo mejor que me paso en serio no ouedo creer el amor que les tengo se merecen lo mejor del mundo siempre, no los merecemos todo el amor que nos dan dios no doy mas los amo con toda mi alma y ustedes son mi felicidad

  • *DANIELITHO560 *
    *DANIELITHO560 *

    Jake.. 25:45 ohh he moves so well..

  • *DANIELITHO560 *
    *DANIELITHO560 *

    Es una pena que tuvieran que debutar en está época.. no había ningún fan presente y tampoco hay conciertos..

  • *DANIELITHO560 *
    *DANIELITHO560 *

    Jake lost weight since the competition started, his face was rounder...

  • Edith Ramírez
    Edith Ramírez

    Love Enhypen 💕

  • *DANIELITHO560 *
    *DANIELITHO560 *

    They look very tired

  • JayML Amerinadaong
    JayML Amerinadaong

    9:06 in the background you can hear one of the members swear bahaha, I think its Jake lmao.


    "Let's enjoy ENHYPEN enjoying their meal!" OMG!! I thought the same thing!!

  • Dan Jimuel Hinaniban
    Dan Jimuel Hinaniban

    jungwon's kangaji sweater is so cuteeee huhu

  • Flemira Mikasa
    Flemira Mikasa

    nah cuz when they cry, i cry, pls they deserved all the love, gonna support them till the end!

  • humblebee_

    Enhypen saranghae

  • Amneris Antipan
    Amneris Antipan


  • plong2185

    Been following these boys since I-Land reality show and I'm so proud to say that I have watched all of Enhypen's first.. Their debut stage, their first stage performance, their first performance in a Music Show, their first performance on an Award Show, their first interview, their first appearance on a variety show, their first V-live and now their about to do their first Fan Meeting!! Nothing but love and admiration for these 7 lucky stars!! Can't wait to watch their first concert and first world tour, when Covid-19 situation gets better and they can do concerts and tours again.. Fighting Enhypen!!

  • Trixie C.
    Trixie C.

    sunoo giggling while him and jungwon tried to insert niki's name in the fanchant is so cute and funny

  • Jasmine Dolis
    Jasmine Dolis

    Looking forward to enhypen & hi season 3 where enhypen will climb mount Everest HAHAHA

  • Consu_


  • Consu_

    i love you so much guys! im so proud of you 💖 engene loves you

  • Tealla tance Tathie
    Tealla tance Tathie

    My baby jay cant see him cry cause he makes me cry too

  • Julie Ann Zarsuelo
    Julie Ann Zarsuelo

    They're so precious to engene!!!

  • Judith M.
    Judith M.

    WOW! Thank you for all your hard work boys. It's unfortunate that Engenes cant see you in person yet due to whats going on but i hope that you wont get tired of giving us amusing shows and photos in social media. we look forward to your biggest success. You are so loved all over the world...dont forget that. Thank you for acknowledging all your fans in all ages....ENHYPEN all the way!!!

  • Yeon Junnie
    Yeon Junnie

    This so touching scene when they cried, I cried also becuz of them huhu.. We love you so much #Enhypen#ForeverEngene❤

  • peachypen

    4:16 gue ikutan nguap😭

  • Smile Daisy
    Smile Daisy

    Did jay sleep with Jungwon

  • Bell Portilus
    Bell Portilus

    Wait I’m confused. Were the fans not in the crowd 🤔

    • Bell Portilus
      Bell Portilus

      @M mt. thx

    • M mt.
      M mt.

      On the first day of the fanmeet, they were in the crowd but on the 2nd day, the fanmeet was only online. In this video they showed clips from day 2. Actually, there were supposed to be fans there but someone reported the fanmeet lying about the fans not following Covid-19 guidelines, so they weren't able to hold the second day offline.

  • Kim MoHシ
    Kim MoHシ


  • Gissella Balbuena
    Gissella Balbuena

    Por que no tienen sub en español 🙃😢

  • Yuki Minamoto
    Yuki Minamoto

    When they cried to show fan appreciation, ngl, i cried as well admit it many of you guys cried too

  • Christy David
    Christy David

    Jay said Niki iloveyou I'm 🤭💕

  • Maia

    I never learned they held a fan meet, how was it?

  • Maia

    As I keep watching enhy- I kind of get each member's characters, and so far, Jake's stands out for me. He's the kindest I think and the one with the most positive outlook in life. I can feel his passion in everything he does.

  • Stayfish

    4:55 how can Heeseung be pretty even when picking his nose???

  • Ni-kkeut

    respect for the staff waking up earlier to prepare this for the boys

  • Elyza Langgamin
    Elyza Langgamin

    They all looked like ducklings following their mom Niki LMAO

  • Elyza Langgamin
    Elyza Langgamin

    Can we all just appreciate how are young leader Jungwon, really acts like the leader uwu

  • ariana sierra
    ariana sierra

    anyone one else notice at 22:01 when jay came in with the bunny costume, he mocked K from iland that one performance LOL i don't see anyone talking about it in the comments

    • ariana sierra
      ariana sierra

      @M mt. IKIK but that was the choreo k did and i was so shcoked LOL

    • M mt.
      M mt.

      He's not mocking anyone. He was just doing the choreo.

  • enhypenstxt

    you have no idea how thankful i am to have you, how grateful i am to be in this journey with you. words cannot express my feelings towards you. thank you for working hard always to give us the best performance and so that we won't have to be envious of other fandoms. these past months, we have been through a lot but we have always been there for each other. i am so so so proud to be an engene because you are a group that is worth to brag about. i hope we'll always remain like this even in the future, i hope we meet soon and i hope you won't forget how much we love, support and appreciate you especially at your vulnerable times, i'll never leave your side, even if the world turns their back on you, you have my word. i love you, my shining stars 💗

  • Kitana Van Leemputten
    Kitana Van Leemputten

    me: watching this piece of art in peace. enhypen fanmeet: *enhypen starts crying* me: *tries not to cry* ni-ki starts to cry* me: *bawling my eyes out at 1am because i'm ni-ki obsessed

  • Ana Julia Sucupira
    Ana Julia Sucupira

    We love youuu enhypeeeeeen

  • Ana Julia Sucupira
    Ana Julia Sucupira

    Amo amo amo amo amo amo amo

  • Ana Julia Sucupira
    Ana Julia Sucupira


  • Ana Julia Sucupira
    Ana Julia Sucupira

    Eles são tuuudoooo

  • ෆ Blue Pepper ෆ
    ෆ Blue Pepper ෆ

    12:00 no one mind me

  • Ana García
    Ana García

    amo la intro de esta serie, mejor que cualquier dorama 👌🏻💕🤸🏻‍♀️🍦

  • PeachJelly[복숭아젤리]


  • Weirdo Ha
    Weirdo Ha

    Them: we want to please engenes Me: you already did now you relax and don’t fry your hair

  • Weirdo Ha
    Weirdo Ha

    Who are you to make me feel like a ugly piece of sh1t huh enhypen why you so perfect

  • Heeberries

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw someone’s username had Heeseung spelled as Heesung That hurt me

  • armoaeggeisstay stream blue hour
    armoaeggeisstay stream blue hour


  • Amreen Anwar
    Amreen Anwar

    remembering your never going to meet bts, your never going to meet Enhypen, your never going to seee them irl. ;:::::(

  • mahika Kariwala
    mahika Kariwala


  • • Owl Is An Anime Girl •
    • Owl Is An Anime Girl •

    My immediate reaction whenever I see someone crying is to cry, so when I saw Jake, Heeseung, and Ni-Ki start crying I did too 🥺



  • Ashley Faith Relon
    Ashley Faith Relon


  • Nichole Pachuau
    Nichole Pachuau

    21:27 to 21:35 shunghoonaaa😆😆😆love yeeee

  • Nichole Pachuau
    Nichole Pachuau

    Omaigaaa 21:34 Shunghoon Yeeaah Woahoooh is making me cracking up 😆😆😆

  • Lenverly Ronquillo
    Lenverly Ronquillo

    Seeing them crying because of happiness, makes me proud of them. They deserve all the support and love . I stan the right group

  • Jacinthfaye Guyo
    Jacinthfaye Guyo


  • Ayna B Vijay
    Ayna B Vijay

  • emiko

    wish i joined the fan-meeting (个_个)

  • Soyoung Lee
    Soyoung Lee

    I was crying so much at the end😭😭

  • Keya

    lets climb mount everest......me indian engene- u'll have to come to india for that ...hehehehehehe

  • Aesthetideas

    6:01 Ni-ki's laugh🥺

  • Aesthetideas

    9:32 Quote of the day❣

  • noriela marilao
    noriela marilao

    20:27 heeseung😂 Jungwon:let's say hello 1,2,3!, nice to meet you Heeseung:👀🧠(I thought we were gonna do the hand sign)

  • Aesthetideas

    6:51 sunoo is a mood


    who ever is editing thi aaheheheh the caption it help so much hheheheheh

  • rara Kim
    rara Kim

    Jake is so adorable

  • ARMY since debut
    ARMY since debut

    I’m lost, I thought the fan meeting had an in person audience, was it only an online event?

  • Hermionee khisha Jacinto
    Hermionee khisha Jacinto

    I'm Worried About Them They Are So Exhausted 🥺 Sunoo's Health,And Those Who Didint Fix They're Masks🥺Idk Why I'm So Worried🥺❤️

  • Arianne Talampas
    Arianne Talampas

    Keep it up engene idolss ilove you all

  • yunkimin

    Ugh when they started to get emotional,, I felt that

  • Vera Paul
    Vera Paul

    Jake is actually like realllllluyy fine

  • BeingMe._.Eilonwy

    It's crazy that I'm around the same age as them, but they're making such a big impact. I'm proud to say I'm an ENGENE and I can't wait foe the next album. Sending my love :)